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The color blue, especially in American culture, represents depression and sadness. It can represent tranquility, relaxation, and peace. People relax more around blue.

Colours such as blue and green are often used in places like doctor or dentist surgeries, because blue has been found to have a much more calming effect on patients than other colours. Blue is the colour of a sky with little or very few clouds, which may explain why it has a soothing effect on people, as opposed to grey, the colour of a stormy sky. The overuse of blue may instead appear as cold or indifferent.

Blue is also associated with the fifth chakra, located at the throat. It is therefore connected to communication. Someone who speaks the truth and is faithful in all ways is "true blue." When communication is lacking, we can talk to someone until we are "blue in the face."

The color of ocean and sky, blue represents mystery, depth, and intuition. When something profoundly surprises us, it comes "out of the blue."

It is seen as stable, reliable, dependable, and dedicated and are reform-resistant and highly regarded . It is often associated with depth and stability and symbolize confidence, trust and loyalty which makes it a popular colour for companies. It is associated with the lower or working classes, hence the term 'blue collar', beingthis a common color for uniforms. Blue is also often used to represent the police.

Blue may also stand for wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.

Blue is frequently associated with emotions. Having the "blues" denotes a dip in our feelings.

In Iran, blue is a symbol of immortality.

Blue in Christianity

Christian art often assigns the color blue to the Virgin Mary, both as a symbol of her perpetual virginity and purity and her connection with the Divine. Most Roman Catholic Marian orders use blue in the color of their habits or coats-of-arms. In heraldry, blue is usually considered to stand for piety and sincerity, but the color may have different meanings in different weapons.

Blue is used to symbolise the sin of lust.

Different shades of Blue

Dark blue is associated with depth , expertise, and stability and represents knowledge , control , strength, integrity and seriousness.

Light blue is associated with health, healing , tranquility , understanding, and softness. Even the deadly sin sloth .

Turquoise symbolizes peace and truth, in lighter shades , it is feminine .

Teal ( teal ) is sophisticated and balanced.

Indigo symbolizes a mystical borderland of wisdom , self-mastery and spiritual realization . While blue is the color of communication with others, indigo turns the blue inward.

Aquamarine symbolizes water.

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