Bones can be considered as a symbol of mortality if youare seeing skeletons, but when a bone is seen it often represents permanence beyond death - bones are often the last things left of us. As a mark of permanence, bones can also be seen to represent the earth, even outside of societies with burial customs. in the same way, bones can represent our truest, barest self. they are lasting, and are the frame of our bodies - they are our home and anchor in the physical world.

There is little to no evidance of dreams having significance, but one may interpret dreams about bones as having meaning, for instance, being stripped or cut to the bone may signify a sudden insight or an attack on your personality, fractured limbs may be interpreted as a threat to the foundations of life, and to personal power, broken bones may mean that you may have discovered a fundamental weakness in your plans or psychology.

Beings that adorn themselves with bones usually represent aging and death, rather than permanence or the body. Additionally, Skeletons can sometimes refer to a secret 'skeleton in the closet', if you are familiar with this colloquialism.