Cats have many symbols, ranging from the devillish to godly.

Cats symbolize a deeper understanding of our natural world, as if they posess a psychic mind, as in the Black Panther. Cats are very treasured animals. Due to their beauty and gracefulness, they were once worshipped as gods (i.e. the female Egyptian god Bastet). In fact, here's a list of how/what people thought of the cat

  • A God
  • A Spiritual Guardian
  • Omen
  • Secretly Possesed with the Devil
  • A Hunter of rodent mice (who keeps eating the humans' food on their table)
People ignore the depth of the cats' knowledge because of their fear for them. Cats are very loving creatures; they know their master's emotion by sensing and examining them. They are very watchful too.

Symbolics of the Cats:

Here are the true meanings of Cats,

Listen, read and concentrate, then imagine what they are trying to tell you. I think I understand. S.V cat

  • Secretive
  • Understanding
  • sin
  • devilish
  • sex related
  • hotness