This section lists the goals of the Symbolism Wiki.

  • By July 31, 2007: To have at least 50 articles (discluding Help pages, Forums, Community Portal, etc.).
    • We achieved our goal of 50 articles! Thanks to all the contributors to Symbolism Wiki!
  • We Need Editors! Please help Symbolism Wiki by editing and contributing! You can log in or create an account here.
  • Expanding Stubs: Please help us expand our stubs. To be spotlighted, Symbolism Wiki needs to have at least 100 complete articles. Currently, more than half of our pages are article stubs. Please help by expanding them!


  • Symbolism Wiki is soon planning on sending out a newsletter! Would you like to subscribe to it? Would you like to help edit it? Please contact Swannie by leaving a comment on his talk page or by email. Let's try to make this newsletter a success!
  • Voting for Official Logo (July 20, 2007)
    • The voting has begun! Please go to the voting page to vote for the logo! Thanks to anyone who contributed!! Voting ends on Monday, July 23, 2007.
      • A logo has been chosen!

Collaboration of the Month

Each month on Central Wikia a specific wiki is chosen to be Collaboration of the Month. Symbolism Wiki has been nominated to be the Collaboration. Please vote for Symbolism Wiki to be the next Collaboration of the Month! You can see our nomination statement here. Thanks!