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Earth is one of the four classical elements. This element symbolizes physical sensation and growth. It also represents the manifestation of matter. The alchemical symbol of earth is a downward pointing triangle with a line across it at the tip.

Earth is cold, because it is opposing the heat of fire. Earth's steady movement is in opposition to fire's constant movement.

It is symbolized by the image of the Earth Mother which is a universal symbol for fecundity, inexhaustible creativity and sustenance. The element earth represents the feminine and passive or the Yin of Chinese symbolism and is traditionally portrayed geometrically by a square or cube and visually with the colors brown, black or yellow. Its qualities are cold in opposition to the heat of fire and steady, solid and unmoving in opposition to fire's constant movement.

The symbolism most closely related to the earth element are those places below or within the earth. Mountains rise above the earth and therefore find symbolism with fire and air. On the other hand, oceans, caves, hollows, canyons and valleys are within earth and relate to earth element symbolism. The most widely used earth symbolism is the valley which symbolizes fecundity and stands in opposition to mountains symbolizing a lack of vegetation and fecundity.


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