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Heraldry is the practice of designing and granting coats of arms. Coats of arms are colorful symbols made on shields. These shields were formerly worn in combat to distinguish friends from foes. European countries began to grant these symbols around 1200 A.D.

Currently, to bear a coat of arms, it must be proven through genealogical studies that a person is a descendant of the original bearer. Coats of arms are not officially recognized in the United States.

Great Britain currently has an active heraldry office. This lets people to design their personal coats of arms and register them, for a fee. A plethora of people choose symbols of their hobbies and jobs, or pictures that bring back good memories.

There are also mottoes that are put on coats of arms.

The traditional colors of heraldry are white and yellow. The white symbolizes silver metal, and the yellow represents gold metal. There are also other colors, such as red, green, purple, blue, and black.