A horse is often known as a solar symbol, and is a symbol of intelligence in the Bible. Depending on what color it is, the horse symbolizes destruction or victory. For example the white horse symbolizes light, sun, day vitality, illumination, resurrection, and messenger of birth. Sometimes, horses are related to the sun, moon, and water. It acts as the mediator between Earth and Heaven. Horse symbolizes power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength, and freedom.

Historically, the best horses have often been only available to the upper classes, who in turn used them as symbols of status, for hunting and other recreation, and for use in warfare. This is shown in the social hierarchies of Greece (see "hippies"), Rome (see "equites"), and Medieval Europe (see "knights"). However, this was not a strictly European tendency, as the same general trend occurred wherever horses were present. For this reason, horses can be associated with wealth, status, nobility, and war.

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